With the Internet becoming an increasingly part of small business it’s important to get your setup right from the start. This includes picking the right platform, we suggest WordPress but you also need to figure out the best options to install WordPress. This means you need to pick a hosting company, since the growth of WordPress there’s now an ever increasing amount of WordPress hosting providers. So you’re left with the decision which one to pick?

Luckily this has already been researched for you with posts like the fastest WordPress hosting they advise that if you’re serious about your WordPress hosting then WP Engine will be a good choice. While expensive their speeds are some of the best on the market, you can read more about their speeds in their WP Engine review.

Talking about speed, it’s important to note just how important it is for SEO and rankings in general. I’ve included an infographic so you can see for yourself. I’ll be talking about these points later on.

How Load Time Affects Google Rankings
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

So it makes sense: Why would Google rank a website when they deliver a bad user experience? They wouldn’t – it looks bad on them and people might use other search engines which is what they don’t want.

Google want to deliver the best user experience possible and this means a faster website along with other aspects such as design.

It’s not surprising that site speed effects conversions rates as well. You can see from the image below when conversions were measured against conversions. The results weren’t surprising – a faster website means more conversions.

This is due to customer experience, why wait 5-10 seconds for a page to load when you can click the next website and get the product instantly.


So site speed is important, not only for your customers but for your business. Think of a hosting company like the engine of your car with the body as your website design. It’s the engine which gives you the performance, not the design. Hence why WP Engine are basically called WordPress engine.

So when picking a hosting company it’s important to consider the site speed as one of the most important aspects. Second would be the support they give. I speak from experience and have tried many cheaper WordPress hosting companies only to be left banging my head against a wall when something went wrong. Good support saves you time and leaves you feeling less stressed knowing there’s help when something happens.

Security is another option I would consider along with support. There’s an increasing trend in hackers defacing websites just because they can do it. You need good security to prevent this. While no host is 100% secure (hackers get better daily) it’s better to have good support so if you are hacked they can help you fix it or fix it for you.

These are the main aspects you should consider when trying to find a good WordPress host. All the hosting companies in this post have the features that I have described so you’ll be in good hands with any of those companies. Just pick one that matches your price range and traffic needs.